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Booking Conditions

Passengers are deemed to have read, understood and accepted the following booking conditions.

It is the passenger's responsibility to ensure that he/she has a valid international passport with minimum Six-months validity from the date of departure. The minimum Six-months validity rule is implemented by the government agencies of the respective countries and regions that we often provide(e.g. Batam, Bintan, Bangkok, Maldives, and many others). Relevant visa and vaccinations may be required. Enough time must be given for the application of visa prior to departure. Please note that the issuance of visa is subject to approval by the respective embassies. The visa fee is non-refundable. You are responsible for your own eligibility of exit permit for National Service (Including those National Servicemen or Reservists).

For Travel Packages (except Air Tickets, Ferry Tickets, Cruises & Yacht, and Tour packages to Maldives, Phuket, Bali, Malaysia):
Any amendments requested will be subjected to the approval of the suppliers or resort side. If approved by them, an administration fee of S$10/person will be charged accordingly.

Cancellation of booking should be made in writing or in person to avoid any misunderstanding. Any cancellation is also subjected to the resort and/or hotel's approval. In addition, the following cancellation charges wil apply:

Cancellation Notice Period
(Excluding Public Holidays and peak periods)
Cancellation Charges
(If any contradiction, the higher charge shall apply)
14 days or more prior to departure Free Cancellation
7 - 13 days 15% of travel fare
2 - 6 days or less 25% of travel fare
Less than 2 days No cancellation is allowed (but you can talk to our travel consultants and we will try our best to help you).

No refund or cancellation is allowed for travel packages booked during Public Holidays and/or peak periods.

No refund or exchange can be made in respect of accommodations, meals, sightseeing tours, transport or any other services that are included in the travel fare but not utilized by travelling members. However, it is transferable.

2.1a For Tour to Maldives, Phuket, Bali, Malaysia: No refund for deposit is allowed. Amendments of the travel documents or change of traveller request will have an admin fee of at least S$100 applied. 
(We highly encourage all our tour travellers to purchase insurance, whether through your own agent or through WeekendGoWhere's AIG Insurance.)

Cancellation Notice Period
(Excluding Public Holidays and peak periods)
Cancellation Charges
(If any contradiction, the higher charge shall apply)
35 days or more prior to departure Free Cancellation except for Deposit
22 - 34 days 75% of travel fare (or a minimum of Deposit, whichever higher)
21 days or less 100% of travel fare 

2.1b Refund on Tour Packages if tour unable to be confirmed: The Company acts as an agent for the service suppliers, after a deposit or full payment is made, all arrangements are still subjected to confirmation. In the event that the reservation cannot be confirmed, the Company will endeavour to notify you two (2) weeks prior to the departure date and a refund of the deposit or the tour fare will be made if the reservation is cancelled as a result of the inability to confirm the reservation. In case of credit card payment, refunds will be made through the credit card company. The Company shall not be liable for such cancellation, save that the Company shall make the necessary refund of deposits or tour fare set out herein. All refunds will be paid to you within two (2) weeks to a month. However, during the peak period, refunds may take around six weeks to be paid.

2.1c For Maldives, Phuket, Bali, Malaysia Flight/Air-tickets amendments: As a ticket issued is a special ticket restricted to the specified airline only, it is non-negotiable, non-reissuable, non-refundable and not re-routable. In a case where an amendment is allowed, a charge of $50* per ticket will be levied, on top of airlines' charges. An alternation of the routing or change of date by the customer is solely at own risk. No refund will be made for any unused air ticket.

2.1d Visa application and in case of rejection: WeekendGoWhere is unable to process Visa application requests. We would strongly encourage our customers to do due-diligence on if they require Visa to enter host country, and if Visa is required, then to apply it at the appropriate time and have the Visa validity period within the tour package travel dates. We can advise to the best of our knowledge on Visa related matters, but we cannot guarantee the Visa's approval as it is entirely up to the relevant country's law, which is out of our control. In the case of Visa rejection after booking a tour package, we will do what we can to provide you with the most reasonable recoupment, however, we are able to refund the deposit paid in all cases unless otherwise stated. In case of any dispute, WeekendGoWhere Singapore reserves the right of final decision.

2.2 For Air Ticket(Other than Maldives, Phuket, Bali, Malaysia): Special Promotional Tickets of no refund value must be paid in full upon booking. All amendments made by passengers are solely at his/her own risk. For any amendment made, an administration fee will be charged accordingly (subject to airline's approval).

2.3 For Cruises and Yacht: No refund and/or cancellation is allowed.

2.4 Refund for payment made via credit cards: For payment made by credit cards, the refund will be made through the credit card company, approximately within 4 - 6 weeks, or approximately two months, during peak periods.


  • Customs duties, visa, excess baggage charges, and other services fee.
  • Travel and personal insurance, laundry, beverage, room services etc.
  • Tipping gratuities to the driver, tour escorts and all items of a personal nature.


GOWHERE TRAVEL PTE LTD - WEEKENDGOWHERE SINGAPORE and its associated agents act only as agents for the passengers and transportation companies, entertainment and meal suppliers and other principals involved in the tour. All tickets, vouchers, and documents issued are subject to the terms, conditions, and contracts under which such transportation and other services are provided. Our company and its agents and representatives are not responsible and expressly disclaim any liability for any injury, illness, damage, loss, delay, accident or irregularities that may be caused to person or property and all bookings are subject to the usual terms, conditions, and contract of the owner or operator of the service involved.

GOWHERE TRAVEL PTE LTD - WEEKENDGOWHERE SINGAPORE is not liable for any offers and/or promotions in the event that any third party platforms and/or resorts and/or hotels conduct their own internal offers and/or promotions. It is fully in the customer's due diligence as a consumer to purchase what is deemed best for them.

GOWHERE TRAVEL PTE LTD - WEEKENDGOWHERE SINGAPORE does not accept any liability in contract or in tort in- any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional expenses or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by events which are beyond its control, or which are not preventable by reasonable diligence on its part including but not limited to war, civil disturbances, fire, floods, unusual severe weather, acts of God, acts of government or other authorities, accidents to the failure of machinery or equipment or industry action.

The transportation companies or firms shall be exempted from all liability in respect of any detention, delay, loss, danger, sickness or injury, by whomever caused and of whatever kind of occurring of or to the passenger at any time when the passenger, is not on board a carrier or conveyance used or operated by the transportation companies and firms.

The Company reserves the right to require any person to withdraw from the tour if he/she appears likely to endanger the health, safety or impair the comfort and enjoyment of others in the tour. The Company shall be under no further liability thereafter to any person.

GOWHERE TRAVEL PTE LTD - WEEKENDGOWHERE SINGAPORE reserves the right to make minor and necessary adjustments to the travel itinerary at any time in order to ensure smooth service delivery for the customer in the event that unforeseen circumstances arise.

GOWHERE TRAVEL PTE LTD - WEEKENDGOWHERE SINGAPORE is not liable for any offers and/or promotions in the event that any third party platforms and/or resorts and/or hotels conduct their own internal offers and/or promotions. It is fully in the customer's due diligence as a consumer to purchase what is deemed best for them.


  1. Fares shown are those current at the time of the publication of the brochure or the price lists which forms part of the brochure. It is therefore subject to change with or without notice due to an increase in airfares, other transport costs, hotels rates, exchange rates, and government tax etc.
  2. In the event that wrong fares have been quoted, we reserve the right to fully refund the amount paid by the customer. The Company shall not be held liable for any contingent costs incurred by the customer arising from the cancellation. No further dispute will be entertained.
  3. The customer should be aware that when a deposit is paid, all arrangements are still subject to confirmation. When arrangements are unable to confirm, we'll reserve the right to provide similar arrangements. Any expenses incurred should be borne by the customer. The Company shall not be liable for any further responsibilities.
  4. GOWHERE TRAVEL PTE LTD - WEEKENDGOWHERE SINGAPORE shall not be held responsible to any person for the deportation or refusal of entry by Immigration Authorities of tour members resulting from possession of unlawful items or holding improper travel documents or other cause or whose behaviour and activities are considered as subversive by the foreign government concerned.
  5. No guides, tour leaders or other employees or agents of this Company is authorized to commit the company to any liability whatever and the Company will not be bound by any statement or representation unless it is written and signed by management executive or any authorized member of the Company.
  6. Our staffs are employed to perform their duties. Any verbal/physical abuse towards them will not be tolerated. The management reserves the right to request such persons to leave the premises, further action may be taken.


All claims against the Company must be in writing within two weeks after completion of the trip. All disputes if any will be subject to the Singapore Court of Law. All terms and conditions mentioned above cannot be altered or waived except in writing by a General Manager or Director of the Company.


According to the guidelines set by the Singapore Tourism Board, Weekendgowhere/Cruisegowhere/Fanshuyou would recommend all travellers to purchase travel insurance if your purchase value is above S$500. AIG Travel Guard is our preferred insurance partner and will provide you with the peace of mind during your holiday. While travel insurance is not compulsory, it offers some protection should there be a need to change, modify or cancel your travel plan due to health, loss of luggage, missed connection, insolvency of the travel agent, etc. We would appreciate it if you let us know your preference.


The Company will consider every transaction as confidential matter and not disclose any information without your permission, unless as required by law.